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    General Safety Information


    Telephone: 852-39437958
    Fax: 852-26036862

    Email: uls@cuhk.edu.hk

    Committee on Safety : http://www.quiltjournal.com/committee_safety/

    Occupational Safety and Health Resources in CUHK

    ? As occupational health and safety of all members of the University is an essential element to cultivate the positive working environment, University Safety Office (USO) provides safety information and trainings for a variety of workplaces such as offices, laboratories and workshops etc. to promote safety awareness in the campus.


    1. Safety Manual and Guidelines:
      The safety manual and guidelines for laboratories and for workplaces that involve the use of computers as well as hazardous materials such as chemicals are available at:

      Booklets on office safety and on laboratory safety are also available for distribution to colleagues.

    2. Safety Training:
      Various occupational safety and health training courses and talks are organized by USO. Related staff members are encouraged to participate:

    3. Safety Advices:
      Departments/Units may need to consult various offices regarding safety of their activities. Section 4 of the Safety Policy of The University will show you these offices. Contents of the Safety Policy can be found at

    USO also acts as advisory unit on statutory requirements related to safety and health issues and helps departments/units in their efforts to enhance safety and health. In case you need safety advices on your workplace, please feel free to contact us:
    Telephone: 3943 7958
    Email: uls@cuhk.edu.hk

    For more detail on the CUHK safety requirements and guidelines, please visit:

    http://www.quiltjournal.com/useo/safety/ (accessible via CUHK intranet only)

    Following are some general safety information mainly provided by the HK Government or related organisations.


    Training Courses provide by the Labour Department

    • ? Office Safety

    Making your office a Safe and Healthy Place at Work 建立一個安全及健康的辦公室

    (Hard copies [CUHK edition] is available in the University Safety Office)

    • ?Fire Safety

    FSD: Fire Safety    防火安全

    • General Chemicals Safety

    OSHC: 常用消毒劑的安全使用須知(pdf) , Chemical Safety (pdf)

    • ?Radiation Safety

    1. Know More About Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation

    2.Laser products safety:


    3. Ionising Radiation


    Understanding Radiation

    • Related Websites

    Links to Health & Safety



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