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    1. 10-13/07/2017, Alice Chan and Liu Yang attended the 13th International Conference on Materials Chemistry held in Liverpool, UK. Liu Yang's poster was awarded Materials Chemistry Division Poster Prize.
    2. 01-02/06/2017, Prof. Yu attended the Applied Environmental Nanotechnology Workshop held at HKUST in Hong Kong.
    3. 16/03/2017, Prof. Jihong Yu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited our lab.
    4. 22/12/2016, Prof. Yu attended CUHK-SUSTech Bilateral Symposium and delivered a speech entitled "Photocatalytic Technology-From Lab to Market".
    5. 03/10/2016, Donald Chan's poster was awarded second prize at the Sunney I Chan 80th Birthday Symposium on Chemical and Biological Approaches for Energy and Sustainability held in Hong Kong.
    6. 13/03/2015, Dr. Zhang's paper (Chemical modification of inorganic nanostructures for targeted and controlled drug delivery in cancer treatment) was selected as a Most Accessed Article for 2014 of Journal of Materials Chemistry B.
    7. 15/10/2014, Prof. Yu awarded Thomson Reuters Highly Cited Researcher.
    8. 20/07/2011, Dr. Hu's paper was awarded as A 2010 Most-Read Langmuir Article.
    9. 02/03/2010, Dr. Hu Xianluo's paper was selected as cover paper of Langmuir (March 2, 2010).
    10. 29/01/2010, Prof. Yu awarded Chang Jiang Chair Professorship by the Ministry of Education.
    11. 30/11/2009, Congratulations to Prof. Yu for the appointment of Associate Editor of Journal of Nanoparticle Research.
    12. 23/09/2009, Dr. Ho's paper was recognised as within top 50 articles in ChemComm.
    13. 01/09/2009, Xianfeng published a new paper in JACS.
    14. 07/05/2009, Mr. Johann Muller, Deputy Consul General of Switzerland, visited our lab.
    15. 02/03/2009, Dr. Yu, Xianfeng and Guisheng attended the Asian Academic Seminar 2009 held in Japan.
    16. 08/12/2008, All groupmates attended the 2nd International Symposium on Energy & Environment, Hong Kong.
    17. 06/06/2008, Congratulations to Guisheng for his graduation.