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    No. 79

    (Spring 2013)

    The issue features a selection of work representing a variety of periods and genres of Chinese literature. Highlights include “Lament over My Poor Fate,” an extraordinary long poem of female authorship from the Song dynasty translated by Wilt Idema, a selection of Huang Zunxian’s writings on Japan, translated by Jack Chen and Yunshuang Zhang, followed by a commentary essay by Cheng Yu-yu of National Taiwan University. We will also continue our serialization of David Hull’s translation of Waverings, Mao Dun’s epic of the 1927 revolution.


    Nos. 47 & 48

    (Spring & Autumn 1997)
    Hong Kong Nineties

    An important collection of Hong Kong literature of the 1990s, including fiction, sanwen, zawen, and a selection of poetry devoted to new poets of the 90s. The issue presents recent works from established figures such as Xi Xi, P.K. Leung and Xin Qi Shi, and newer voices such as Dung Kai Cheung, Wong Bik Wan and Patsy Kwan Lai Shan.


    No. 32

    (Autumn 1989)
    Special section on Bing Xin

    Bing Xin is the focus of a special section in this issue, which includes her fiction and prose writing, her own Autobiographical Notes, and her translation of the poems of Li Qingzhao. Other highlights of this issue are Tang dynasty stories, fiction by Mo Yan and Zhang Tianyi, and the sequel to Liu E's TheTravels of Lao Can.


    Nos. 29 & 30

    (Spring & Autumn 1988)
    Hong Kong

    An anthology of Hong Kong writing, the only one of its kind in English, spanning the history of Hong Kong letters from their origins to the present day.

    The breadth and depth of the Hong Kong works collected... show that the barren rock has become a gem, and... has achieved a distinct voice of its own.'

    -The San Francisco Review of Books


    Nos. 27 & 28

    (Spring & Autumn 1987)
    Contemporary Women Writers

    A collection of fiction and poetry from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, including the works of Eileen Chang, Lin Haiyin, Xi Xi, Liu Sola and Wang Anyi.


    No. 24

    (Autumn 1985)

    Nos. 19 & 20

    (Spring & Autumn 1983)
    Chinese Literature Today


    Nos. 17 & 18

    (Spring & Autumn 1982)
    Middlebrow Fiction

    No. 15

    (Spring 1981)

    Nos. 11 & 12

    (Spring & Autumn 1979)


    No. 10

    (Autumn 1978)
    A Special Section on Lao Shê


    No. 6

    (Spring 1976)

    No. 5

    (Autumn 1975)

    No. 4

    (Spring 1975)


    No. 3

    (Autumn 1974)

    No. 2

    (Spring 1974)

    No. 1

    (Autumn 1973)


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