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    Walk for Green

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    About Walk For Green

    How often do you walk around the campus instead of getting straight onto the shuttle bus? How far have you explored the interesting sights of our distinctive campus?
    CUHK has one of the most attractive and spacious campuses in Hong Kong, and its wooded hill slopes running down to Tolo Harbour provide a beautiful natural environment in which the university’s staff and students can pursue their academic endeavours. The beauties of our campus deserve to be better explored, and can best be explored on foot. Walking is also a greener and healthier alternative to using vehicular transport. CUHK has improved its walkways and installed more lifts and escalators to reduce the number of tiring uphill journeys. Walking around our campus is now more convenient than ever.
    Walking is a good and easy way of taking physical exercise, and can also help to reduce carbon emissions. To encourage more staff and students to walk around the campus, the Campus Planning and Sustainability Office, Estates Management Office, Information Technology Services Centre and Physical Education Unit have launched a new ‘Walk for Green’ initiative. Card readers for different walking routes have been installed to record the number of trips (points) completed by ‘Walk for Green’ participants. If you gain enough points within a specified period, you will be awarded the title ‘Green Walker’.
    The ‘Walk for Green’ programme is called 「大」「部」行 in Chinese, with reference to the Chinese names for University MTR Station and the Central Campus. The walk between these two locations is the recommended first walking route, and card readers for this route have been installed at Yasumoto International Academic Park and Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building. Eight card readers are now available, installed at various locations on campus.
    1. To encourage staff and students to walk more around CUHK’s campus
    2. To reduce reliance on vehicular transport, thereby lowering air emissions generated from
         fuel-based vehicles
    3. To build a healthier lifestyle through walking exercises
    4. To explore the natural beauty of CUHK’s campus environment
    Every time you take a walk on campus, you are helping to preserve our environment and are also keeping yourself healthy.
    Let’s start from today!


    「大」 「部」 行簡介






    1. 鼓勵教職員和學生徒步穿梭校園

    2. 減少依賴交通工具,從而減少車輛所排放的空氣污染物

    3. 以步行達致健康生活模式

    4. 探索及欣賞校園的自然景致