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    Giving to CUHK

    Over the decades CUHK has benefitted from the goodwill and munificence of many of its friends, corporate allies and alumni. Such support, in various forms ranging from student scholarships, research sponsorships, endowed professorships to funding for infrastructural projects, has helped propel the University forward in its pursuit of excellence and the realization of its missions. We are eternally grateful and encouraged by the spirit of giving of our many benefactors which enables us to strengthen our capabilities, upgrade our facilities and enhance the quality of education offered to our students. Most important of all, the continued generosity of the University's friends and supporters bears further witness to the philanthropic value of genuine support for higher education in Hong Kong, and for the further development of CUHK and the welfare of its students.

    If you wish to make a donation or learn about our latest fundraising initiatives, please visit the website of the Office of Institutional Advancement.