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      Committee on Safety
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Committee on Safety
    Safety Advisory Committee
    Safety Advisory Committee (General)
    Chairman's Announcement
    Comment to Us



    Mr. LAM Yiu Wa, Edmond, Estates Management Office


    Representatives from Arts/Business Administration/Education/Engineering/Medicine/ Science/Social Science/Law

    - Mr. CHEUNG Mike, Faculty of Arts
    - Ms. WONG Yue Wing Alien, Faculty of Business Administration
    - Mr. LAM Chin Keung Gary, Faculty of Education
    - Mr. MOK Wai Kit Allan, Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering
    - Professor CHEUNG Wing Tai, School of Biomedical Sciences
    - Mr. WONG Wai Hong, Department of Chemistry
    - Dr. CHOW Yan Chi Vinci, Department of Economics
    - Mr. LING Jaiden, Faculty of Law

    A representative from Colleges

    - Ms. LEE Pui Shan Sandy, Wu Yee Sun College

    A representative from the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library

    - Ms YIP Sau Chu Cherie, Chinese University of Hong Kong Library

    A representative from the Information Technology Services Centre

    - Mr. CHOI Chan Hung David, Information Technology Services Centre

    A representative from the University Safety Office

    - Mr. LAW Chi Lok, University Safety Office

    A representative from the Human Resources Office

    - Ms TO Yin Ping Betty, Human Resources Office


    - Mr. TAI Ka Chun Sam, Estates Management Office


    The SAC (General) is established under the Committee on Safety in order

    1. To facilitate good relations between staff and the University Safety Office, with specific reference to work and working conditions in offices and classrooms, but excluding matters related to laboratories, workshops and building or maintenance work;
    2. (a) To use the University's expertise to create realistic health and occupational safety guidelines acceptable to the majority of office personnel, such guidelines to apply to all offices and teaching facilities in the University;
      (b)To help Departments and Units (normally through the Safety Co-ordinators) in drawing up additional department/unit-specific guidelines to cover hazards involved in office work or in teaching;
    3. To report on the above matters to the Committee on Safety, and to advise the latter on all matters of safety and health within its purview;
    4. To advice on matters relating to periodic Safety Audits of offices and teaching facilities;
    5. To provide input to the Director of University Safety in matters of office safety within its purview;
    6. To advise on occupational safety and health matters in relation to employment and the University's obligations as an employer; and
    7. To deal with such other matters as may be delegated by the Committee on Safety.




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