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    The Chinese University of Hong Kong


    Chapter 1     The Institution

    1.1     History
    1.2     Mission, Vision and Strategic Planning
    1.3     Organizational Structure

    Chapter 2     Curriculum Structure and an Overview of the Quality Assurance Structure

    2.1     The "Outcomes-Based Approach"
    2.2     Curriculum Structure
    2.3     QA Structures
    2.4     Major Documents on QA

    Chapter 3     Programme Development, Approval, Planning and Design

    3.1     Programme Development and Approval
    3.2     Programme and Course Planning: Details
    3.3     Programme and Course Documentation
    3.4     Policy Documents

    Chapter 4     Programme and Course Management

    4.1     Programme Management
    4.2     Course Documentation and Templates
    4.3     Course and Programme Revision
    4.4     Management of Courses not Taught by the Host Department
    4.5     Management of Off-campus Learning

    Chapter 5     Assessment of Student Learning

    5.1     Assessment of Taught Programmes
    5.2     Honours Classification for Ug Programmes
    5.3     Assessment of Pg Programmes
    5.4     Academic Probation
    5.5     Monitoring Research Progress
    5.6     Honesty in Academic Work
    5.7     Procedures for Handling Student Disciplinary Cases

    Chapter 6     Programme Reviews and External Visiting Committee Exercises

    6.1     Overview
    6.2     Visiting Committee Exercises
    6.3     Internal Programme Reviews

    Chapter 7     Student Feedback

    7.1     Student Feedback Systems: An Overview
    7.2     Course and Teaching Evaluation
    7.3     Data Collection on Ug Student Learning Experience
    7.4     Exit Surveys for RPg and TPg Students
    7.5     Staff-student Interactions

    Chapter 8     Grievances, Appeals and Ethics

    8.1     Student Grievances and Complaints
    8.2     Appeals against Academic Results
    8.3     Ethics

    Chapter 9     Academic Advising and Support, and Learning Resources

    9.1     Academic Advisory System
    9.2     Improving Postgraduate Learning Programme
    9.3     Independent Learning Centre
    9.4     Library
    9.5     Student Information System and Learning Management System

    Chapter 10     Non-formal Learning Activities

    10.1     Ug Student Development Portfolio
    10.2     Guidelines for Monitoring, Supporting and Organizing Student Activities
    10.3     Other Forms of Support

    Chapter 11     Learning Activities at Colleges

    11.1     Overview
    11.2     Formal Learning Activities and Academic Support
    11.3     Non-formal Learning
    11.4     Pastoral Care

    Chapter 12     Student Exchange Opportunities

    12.1     Overview
    12.2     Ug Exchange Opportunities
    12.3     Support for Incoming Students
    12.4     Graduate Exchange Opportunities
    12.5     Monitoring Quality

    Chapter 13     Teacher Support and Development

    13.1     The Centre for Learning Enhancement And Research (CLEAR)
    13.2     Professional Development and Training
    13.3     Pedagogical Support
    13.4     Grants in Support of T&L
    13.5     Recognition of Excellent Teaching

    List of Appendices
    Responsible Offices for the Appendices
    List of Abbreviations and Acronyms
    Combined Version of the Quality Manual (PDF Printable)