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    Home > People > Academic Staff > Prof. Jimmy C. YU


    photo of Prof. Jimmy C. YU

    Prof. Jimmy C. M. YU

    Choh-Ming Li Professor of Chemistry

    location Room 236 Science Centre
    Phone No. (852) 3943 6268
    Fax No. (852) 2603 5057
    Email jimyu@cuhk.edu.hk


    1980 B.Sc. St. Martin's Coll.
    1985 Ph.D. Idaho


    Department of Chemistry, 
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Since 2012
    United College, 
    Associate Director, 
    Institute of Environment, 
    Energy and Sustainability, 
    Department of Chemistry,
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Environmental Science Programme, 
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Associate Professor, 
    Department of Chemistry,
    The Chinese University of Hong Kong
    Assistant / Associate Professor, 
    University of Central Missouri
    Assistant Professor, 
    University of Puget Sound

    Research Interests

    1. Preparation and characterization of novel nano-structured materials
    2. Environmental applications of photocatalysis
    3. Development of analytical methods for environmental and biological samples

    Research Grants

    1. RGC General Research Fund: A New Composite Photocatalyst of Graphene Quantum Dots Deposited on Titanium Dioxide Nanotube Arrays (404112, $775,000, 1 Nov 2012–31 Oct 2015, principal investigator).
    2. NSFC-RGC Joint Research Scheme: Synthesis and Design of New Photocatalysts for degradation of Toxic Organic compounds (N_CUHK464/10, $613,330, 1 Jan 2011 – 31 Dec 2013, principal investigator).
    3. RGC General Research Fund: Advanced Materials for the Photocatalytic Conversion of Carbon Dioxide to Fuels by Sunlight (404810, $869,055, 1 Nov 2010 – 31 Oct 2013, principal investigator).

    Professional Activities

    Associate Editor, Journal of Nanoparticle Research

    Editorial Advisory Board, Langmuir

    Editorial Board, International Journal of Photoenergy

    Editorial Board, Environmental Chemistry

    Editorial Board, Rare Metals

    Board Member, Air & Waste Management Association - Hong Kong Section

    Member, Hong Kong Research Grants Council Physical Science Panel

    Council Member, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Chang Jiang Scholar Chair Professor, Ministry of Education

    Representative Publications

    1. F. Wang, X.J. Chen, X.L. Hu, K.S. Wong,?J.C. Yu?
      "Hierarchical P/YPO4?Microsphere for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production from Water under Visible Light Irradiation,"?
      Applied Catalysis B: Environmental?2012, 119-120, 267-272.
    2. F. Wang, W.K.H Ng,?J.C. Yu, H.J. Zhu, C.H. Li, L. Zhang, Z.F. Liu, Q. Li?
      "Red Phosphorus: An Elemental Photocatalyst for Hydrogen Formation from Water,"?
      Applied Catalysis B: Environmental?2012, 111-112,?409-414.
    3. X.Q. An,?J.C. Yu?
      "Graphene-Based Photocatalytic Composites,"?
      RSC Advances?2011, 1, 1426-1434. [Review]
    4. G. Liu,?J.C. Yu, G.Q. Lu, H.M. Cheng?
      "Crystal Facet Engineering of Semiconductor Photocatalysts: Motivations, Advances and Unique Properties,"?
      Chemical Communications?2011, 47, 6763-6783. [Feature Article]
    5. C.H. Li, F. Wang,?J.C. Yu?
      "Semiconductor/Biomolecular Composites for Solar Energy Applications,"?
      Energy & Environmental Science?2011, 4,?100-113. [Perspective]?
    6. X.L. Hu, G.S. Li,?J.C. Yu?
      "Design, Fabrication and Modification of Nanostructured Materials for Environmental and Energy Applications,"?
      Langmuir?2010, 26,?3031-3039. [Cover Feature Article]?
    7. D.Q. Zhang, G.S. Li,?J.C. Yu
      "Inorganic Materials for Photocatalytic Water Disinfection,"
      Journal of Materials Chemistry?2010, 20,?4529-4536. [Feature Article]?
    8. X.F. Yang, J. Chen, L. Gong, M.M. Wu,?J.C. Yu
      "Cross-Medal Arrays of Ta-Doped Rutile Titania,"?
      Journal of the American Chemical Society?2009, 131, 12048-12049.

    Research Group