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    photo of Prof. Hak-Fun Chow

    Prof. Hak-Fun Chow


    location Office: Room 161, Science Centre
     Laboratory: Room 206/208,

    Run Run Shaw Science Building
    Phone No. Office: (852) 3943 6341;
     Laboratiory: (852) 3943 6150
    Email hfchow@cuhk.edu.hk
    Research Group Webpage Hak-Fun Chow's Research Group



    Hak-Fun Chow was born in 1957 in Hong Kong. He obtained his B.Sc. and M.Phil. degrees from the Department of Chemistry at the Chinese University in Hong Kong. In 1981, he obtained the Croucher Foundation Scholarship and began his PhD study in Chemistry under the supervision of Prof. Ian Fleming at Cambridge between 1981-1984. Afterwards he then spent 1 year of postdoctoral study with Prof. Dieter Seebach at ETH-Zurich and another year with Prof. George W. J. Fleet at Oxford. In the years between 1987-1992, he worked as a research scientist in Dow-Elanco near Oxford, UK. He moved back to CUHK in 1992 to become a lecturer at the Department of Chemistry, promoted to the position of Senior Lecturer in 1997, and a Professor in 2005. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry, and a Chartered Scientist of the Science Council, UK. He was a recipient of the Faculty Exemplary Teacher Award in 2001 and the Croucher Senior Research Fellowship in 2006. Currently he serves as the Director of the Center of Novel Functional Molecules and the China Regional Editor of Synlett.

    Research Interests

    My research interests are focused on the synthesis, chemistry, properties, and applications of dendritic macromolecules and structurally related dendronized polymers. The work involves structural design, organic and organometallic syntheses, and the use of various physical and spectroscopic techniques to characterize and investigate the properties of these molecules.

    I am also interested in the development of new synthetic methodologies towards interesting organic structural motifs for use in material and catalysis applications.

    Representative Publications

    1. Synthesis and Self Assembling Properties of Rod-Like, 2-Ureido-4-Pyrimidinone-Based Main Chain Supramolecular Dendronized Polymers,?Chun-Ho Wong, Wing-Shong Chan, Chui-Man Lo,?Hak-Fun Chow, To Ngai, Ka-Wai Wong,?Macromolecules,?2010,?43, 8389.
    2. Conformational and Supramolecular Properties of Main Chain and Cyclic Click Oligotriazoles and Polytriazoles,?Hak-Fun Chow, Kwun-Ngai Lau, Zhihai Ke, Yuting Liang, Chui-Man Lo,?Chem. Commun.?2010, 3437.
    3. Structural Effects on the Catalytic, Emulsifying and Recycling Properties of Chiral Amphiphilic Dendritic Organocatalysts, Chui-Man Lo,?Hak-Fun Chow,?J. Org. Chem.?2009,?74, 5181.
    4. Synthesis of Organoplatinum Poly(dendrimer)s – Pronounced Effect of Size and Geometry of Small Organoplatinum Linkers on the Copolymerization Efficiency with Bifunctional Dendritic Macromonomers, Siu-Yin Cheung,?Hak-Fun Chow,?Chem. Eur. J.?2009,?15, 8874.
    5. Synthesis of Organometallic Poly(dendrimer)s via Macromonomer Polymerization - Effect of Dendrimer Size and Structural Rigidity on the Polymerization Efficiency, Siu-Yin Cheung,?Hak-Fun Chow, To Ngai, Xiaoling Wei,?Chem. Eur. J.?2009,?15, 2278.
    6. Dendronized Polymer Organogels from Click Chemistry - A Remarkable Gelation Property Owing to Synergistic Functional Group Binding and Dendritic Size Effects, Kwun-Ngai Lau,?Hak-Fun Chow, Man-Chor Chan, Ka-Wai Wong,?Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.?2008,?48, 6912.
    7. Enhanced Gelation Property due to Intra-Molecular Hydrogen Bonding in a New Series of Bis(Amino Acid)-Functionalized Pyridine-2,6-Dicarboxamide Organogelators,?Hak-Fun Chow, Guo-Xin Wang,?Tetrahedron?2007,?63, 7407-7418.
    8. Generation-Independent Dimerization Behavior of Quadruple Hydrogen Bond-Containing Oligoether Dendrons, Chun-Ho Wong,?Hak-Fun Chow, Sin-Kam Hui, Kong-Hung Sze,?Org. Lett. 2006,?8, 1811-1814.
    9. Synthesis of New Amphiphilic Dendrons Bearing Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Surface Sectors and a Monocarboxylic or Dicarboxylic Acid Focal Point,?Hak-Fun Chow, Ka-Fai Ng, Zhao-Yang Wang, Chun-Ho Wong, To Luk, Chui-Man Lo and Yu-Ying Yang,?Org. Lett.?2006,?8, 471-474.