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    Center of Novel Functional Molecules


    To bring together interdisciplinary expertise from the areas of chemistry and biochemistry toward developing an internationally eminent research center and to advocate world-class research in The Chinese University of Hong Kong in the area of novel functional molecules toward biological and catalytic applications


    1. To forge a multidisciplinary collaborative research team toward developing world-class excellence in novel functional molecules

    2. To generate, through the synergism of synthesis, characterization and studies of biological and physical properties, new knowledge in the area of functional molecules, with potential industrial applications

    3. To train postgraduate students in the interdisciplinary field of novel functional molecules, and to advance public appreciation and understanding in science and technology

    4. To promote research collaborations with mainland and international scientists


    Current Team Members:

    1. Director: Hak-Fun Chow http://www.quiltjournal.com/chem/en/people/academic/chf/index.html

    2. Hon-Ki Cheng, Christopher http://www.bch.cuhk.edu.hk/academic_staff.asp?tcus=100923

    3. Wing-Ping Fong http://www.bch.cuhk.edu.hk/academic_staff.asp?tcus=100301

    4. Chun-Yu Ho, Jason http://www.quiltjournal.com/chem/en/people/honorary/hcy/index.html

    5. Cham-Fai Leung, Ken

    6. Chung-Wai Mak, Thomas http://www.quiltjournal.com/chem/en/people/honorary/mcw/index.html

    7. Kee-Pui Ng http://www.quiltjournal.com/chem/en/people/academic/nkp/index.html

    8. Kung-Ming Shing, Tony http://www.quiltjournal.com/chem/en/people/academic/skm/index.html

    9. Nai-Ching Wong, Henry http://www.quiltjournal.com/chem/en/people/academic/wnc/index.html

    10. Zuo-Wei Xie http://www.quiltjournal.com/chem/en/people/academic/xzw/index.html

    11. Chai-Mei Yu, Jimmy http://www.quiltjournal.com/chem/en/people/academic/ycm/index.html


    Tel: (852)-39436343; Fax: (852)-26035057; e-mail: cnfm@cuhk.edu.hk

    Current Research Projects:

    For a description of our current research projects, click here.


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    Last update : 23-Sep-2015

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