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      Major Activities

    CCHS will carry out four major types of activities:

    1. To advance academic research on cultural heritage and to train researchers working in the areas of cultural heritage management, preservation policy formulation and sustainable development;
    2. To enhance exchange activities among cultural heritage studies organizations in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Macau and Taiwan, and the rest of East and Southeast Asia. Activities will include workshops, conferences and publications;
    3. To promote the understanding of cultural heritage in Hong Kong and Asia through education, policy analysis and community activities, including classes in secondary and tertiary education, and public lectures and exhibitions;
    4. To provide a platform for research and policy formulation that involves professionals, policy makers, and the public.


    1. 崩笆ゅて框玻╯蚌緄╯眖ㄆゅて框玻恨瞶玂▅現鄲絡﹚㎝尿祇甶
    2. 眏翠嘲緿籓芖㎝狥ㄈ狥玭ㄈㄤ跋ゅて框玻╯艙麓ユ瑈艙麓癚痁┪穦祇︽
    3. 
    4. 硄筁斃▅現鄲だ猂の跋笆崩約ゅて框玻翠㎝ㄈ瑆瞶稈珹藹單斃▅㎝炊の斃▅い糤Τ閩ゅて框玻ず甧羭快そ秨量畒の甶凝
    5. 矗ㄑパ盡穨∕鄲訣篶㎝カチ渤把籔キ籓眖ㄆゅて框玻╯㎝現鄲﹚

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